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Moszna Castle | Zamek w Mosznej

A castle like from a fairy tale! This mythical place makes huge impression on all visitors. It is one of the largest and most beautiful tourist attractions of the Opole region.  

Queen Louise Adit | Sztolnia Królowa Luiza

Zabrze invites tourists in Silesia to visit the Queen Louise Adit. It is a touristic complex comprising objects that have become the part of the history of Silesian coal mining and are currently one of the most important elements of the heritage of Silesian industry.  

Cinema residence | Stare Kino w Łodzi

Stare Kino is an original hotel in the center of Łódź. It was created out of love for this city and for cinematography – which is so deeply rooted in Łódź’s culture and consciousness. Each apartment is a different movie story, inviting you to explore the world of Polish films and series.

Rafting on the Dunajec Gorge | Spływ przełomem Dunajca

The Polish Association of Pieniny Rafters has been organizing boat trips on the Dunajec River from pre-war years. This is almost a hundred years, during which the rafters specialized in organizing unique and unforgettable adventure for the tourists.

Ski-Raft Pontoon Rafting Bardo | Ski-Raft Spływy Pontonowe Bardo

Bardo is a magical town located on the Kłodzko Land, from where you can set out on a river expedition with five meanders of Nysa Kłodzka. Pontoon Trips Bardo is a place where you can experience an adventure and try your hand at mountain kayaking.

The Warsaw Rising Muzeum | Muzeum Powstania Warszawskiego

The creators of The Warsaw Rising Museum had to face the challenge of presenting historical content, depicting the history of war and totalitarianism, placing it in the museum exhibition space and doing it in a way attractive for the contemporary viewer. Based on proven foreign experience and professional professionalism, the task has been accomplished!

Museum of King Jan III’s Palace at Wilanów | Muzeum Pałacu Króla Jana III w Wilanowie

The baroque pearl of Warsaw, which years ago used to be the headquarters of King Jan III Sobieski and his family. Today, the royal residence in Wilanów is a place where culture meets nature. The Museum Of King Jan III’s  in the palace is the oldest Polish art museum.

The Museum of Milk | Muzeum Mleka w Grajewie

Already from the prehistoric times, the population living in Poland appreciated dairy products and dairy traditions in the Podlasie are deeply rooted in the culture of this region. One of the objects of the Grajewo Culture Centre is the Center of Dairy Tradition. The Milk Museum is an original and the only place of this […]

Museum Palace at Rogalin | Muzeum Pałac w Rogalinie

Embedded in a fairy-tale garden scenery, the Raczyński Palace in Rogalin invites all visitors to discover its unique history, architecture, beautiful historic exhibits and  the park’s nature.


Hydropolis is a unique place. All knowledge of the topic of water is available at this Wrocław Center of Ecological Education. Here you can learn about the role and importance of the water, in what processes it participates, what functions it performs in the human body, in nature, in the process of shaping the climate.

Frontem do Wolności. Łabiszyńskie Spotkania z Historią.

Łabiszyńskie Spotkania is a live history lesson in the form of the largest historical reconstructions in Poland. Frontem do Wolności took the form of a nationwide series of events. The rallies last three days and run under the slogan of the most important event from World War II.

Lawendowa Osada

If someone thinks that lavender fields can be found only in Provence, it means they haven’t been in Pomerania since quite a time. To get to know 20 types of this amazing plant and learn about its features, you just have to visit Lawendowa Osada in the centre of Szwajcaria Kaszubska.

Hevelanium Centre

In the center of Gdańsk there is Hevelianum – a modern center of science, education and culture. Hevelianum is the first such venture in Europe, where historic military engineering objects form the basis for the Knowledge Discovery Center.