Queen Louise Adit | Sztolnia Królowa Luiza

Zabrze invites tourists in Silesia to visit the Queen Louise Adit. It is a touristic complex comprising objects that have become the part of the history of Silesian coal mining and are currently one of the most important elements of the heritage of Silesian industry.


The Queen Louise Mine was one of the most modern and largest mines in Europe – already in the late nineteenth century, over three million tons of coal were mined there. The glory years of the Queen Louise Mine can be admired thanks to the restored ‘Łańcuszkowa’ Baths, a 100-year-old steam hoist machine, Carnall and Wilhelmina shafts as well as a network of underground workings.


Main Key Hereditary Adit is the longest adit built in European coal mining. It was being built for 64 years and reached a length of over 14 kilometers. At the moment, a tourist route leads from the Carnall shaft to the Wilhelmina shaft and the outlet of the Adit in the city center was led there.



The adit is available for tourists for almost 5 kilometres of an underground journey, during which the visitors will see, among others, reconstructed loading port. They will look into the nineteenth-century pavement carved in the coal seam and travel by boats to the very center of Zabrze.