Moszna Castle | Zamek w Mosznej

A castle like from a fairy tale! This mythical place makes huge impression on all visitors. It is one of the largest and most beautiful tourist attractions of the Opole region.



The picturesque building gives the impression of being developed over the centuries, although in fact it is one of the youngest residences in Silesia. The numerous towers and turrets of the eclectic palace rise above a vivid landscape park with a pond and stud farm. There are 365 rooms and 99 towers, and its area is 7,000. m2. The palace can be visited, and a lot of art exhibitions and chamber music concerts take place here.



The castle in Moszna is primarily associated with many legends and admiration of guests visiting this place! It is worth coming here to feel the unique atmosphere of the building, architectural decorations and the phenomenal park.