Cinema residence | Stare Kino w Łodzi

Stare Kino is an original hotel in the center of Łódź. It was created out of love for this city and for cinematography – which is so deeply rooted in Łódź’s culture and consciousness. Each apartment is a different movie story, inviting you to explore the world of Polish films and series.


The creators of Stare Kino, while creating their unique apartments, cooperated with outstanding interior decorators and architects as well as specialists in modern technologies. All the details of the film’s concept of the hotel were refined with full professionalism.


Cinema Residence in its main idea refers not only to the film passion, but above all to the historical location of the hotel. In the place where it is located, in 1899, the Krzemiński brothers opened the first permanent stationary cinema in Poland. A magnificent tenement house, whose gateway reaches the Stare Kino, was erected in 1890 according to the architectural plans of Gustaw Landau Gutenteger.

It is a real architectural, cultural and tourist gem – not only for cinema lovers.