Ski-Raft Pontoon Rafting Bardo | Ski-Raft Spływy Pontonowe Bardo

Bardo is a magical town located on the Kłodzko Land, from where you can set out on a river expedition with five meanders of Nysa Kłodzka. Pontoon Trips Bardo is a place where you can experience an adventure and try your hand at mountain kayaking.


Przystań Wodna Bardo located in the bend of the river,  invites you to discover the flavors of river fish and to use the energy that is given here, thanks to the specific microclimate characteristic for this place. You can walk, ride a bike and go rafting or kayaking in Nysa Kłodzka. People who are looking for a peaceful holiday can regenerate themselves on the sun loungers on the beach.


The time spent here gives you the energy for a long time. Rafting trips and other forms of relaxation in this area are the proximity of nature, adrenaline and views that delight and remain in memory for a long time. Here, active forms of spending free time are combined with relaxation and a lesson in overcoming one’s weaknesses.


People coming to Bardo have one thing in common – the desire to experience a beautiful, unforgettable adventure.