The Warsaw Rising Muzeum | Muzeum Powstania Warszawskiego

The creators of The Warsaw Rising Museum had to face the challenge of presenting historical content, depicting the history of war and totalitarianism, placing it in the museum exhibition space and doing it in a way attractive for the contemporary viewer. Based on proven foreign experience and professional professionalism, the task has been accomplished!


This interactive museum commemorates the largest armed action of the underground in German-occupied Europe during World War II. The uprising of 1944 changed the face of Warsaw forever.



The museum exposition presents in a modern way souvenirs, stories of insurgents, granite paths and channels in which soldiers fighting had to translocate themselves. Also the bird’s eye view of the razed to ground level Warsaw makes a great impression.


The heart of the building is a steel monument passing through all floors. Its walls are covered with the dates of the next days of the uprising and traces of missiles, and from inside comes the voice of a beating heart, symbolizing the life of Warsaw in 1944.


The Warsaw Rising Museum is modern in a full sense of the word. It teaches history and reflects the atmosphere of the Uprising, recreating the atmosphere of the uprising Warsaw with the help of available means. Not only military history is presented, but also everyday life of those difficult, war times. The exhibition is a kind of a story – the Museum tells the story of the Warsaw Uprising in all its aspects and communicates its idea and meaning.