The Museum of Milk | Muzeum Mleka w Grajewie

Already from the prehistoric times, the population living in Poland appreciated dairy products and dairy traditions in the Podlasie are deeply rooted in the culture of this region. One of the objects of the Grajewo Culture Centre is the Center of Dairy Tradition. The Milk Museum is an original and the only place of this kind in Poland. It is an unquestionable tourist curiosity.


The museum exhibition promotes the traditions of Polish dairy industry in an innovative way. Visitors through play and interaction with elements of the exhibitions can learn about the history of dairy, milk properties and curiosities about it.



The exhibition has been divided into seven zones. Separated thematic areas allow to learn the different stages of milk’s origination and its products. Next to the meadow and cowshed there are a laboratory, a zone of culture and art, and even … a milk bar.



Careful familiarization with each of the zones proves helpful in the final stage of the visit to the Milk Museum – a quiz. Anyone who successfully terminates the test receives a surprise prize.


If you’ve ever wondered why milk is white or you wanted to find out where the holes in the cheese came from – it’s time for a trip to Grajewo!