Museum Palace at Rogalin | Muzeum Pałac w Rogalinie

Embedded in a fairy-tale garden scenery, the Raczyński Palace in Rogalin invites all visitors to discover its unique history, architecture, beautiful historic exhibits and  the park’s nature.


The palace, the museum housed in it and the garden and park complex are one of the leading exemplars of residential architecture in Poland. It’s a place rich in artistic and cultural patronage. It was the Raczyński family that funded the first public library in Wielkopolska, and it was in their residence that a remarkable collection of European painting was created. Here you can admire the works of eminent artists such as Jan Matejko and Jacek Malczewski.


The exhibition also includes a traditional carriage house, as well as the reconstructed London office of Raczyński. It was in this place, being in refugee, that Raczyński took official guests. This is where the history of Poland was created.


In addition to visiting museum interiors of the palace, a walk through the palace park is also compulsory. Here you can admire one of the largest clusters of oaks in Europe. There is almost 1500 of these trees, and many of them are several hundred years old. The most representative are oaks bearing the names of the legendary brothers – founders of the Slavic countries. They are Lech, Czech and Rus.


The interiors of the palace and the surrounding park have undergone a thorough revalorization and conservation. Thanks to this and the beautiful location of the village of Rogalin, the Raczyński Palace is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Wielkopolska.