Frontem do Wolności. Łabiszyńskie Spotkania z Historią.

Łabiszyńskie Spotkania is a live history lesson in the form of the largest historical reconstructions in Poland. Frontem do Wolności took the form of a nationwide series of events. The rallies last three days and run under the slogan of the most important event from World War II.


The context of each of these meetings is embedded in impressive battle scenes. Everything is supposed to keep up with the times and for scientific purposes it is supplemented with interactive presentations, workshops, outdoor games and picnics. In addition, the attractiveness of meetings is evidenced by spontaneous actions initiated by local communities that engage in the Łabiszyńskie Spotkania z Historią.


The rallies combine the past with the present. The history lesson assumes a living form supplemented with interactive and modern forms.


Learning history does not have to be about reading books and sitting in the classroom. “Front to Freedom” – Łabiszyńskie Spotkania z Historią are one of the best events of historical reconstruction in Poland. They are a live history lesson!