Lawendowa Osada

If someone thinks that lavender fields can be found only in Provence, it means they haven’t been in Pomerania since quite a time. To get to know 20 types of this amazing plant and learn about its features, you just have to visit Lawendowa Osada in the centre of Szwajcaria Kaszubska.


Lavender begins to bloom in June, at the beginning of July it is cut, dried and processed. So then comes the time for workshops on hand-made creams, oils, soaps or wreaths pleating.



Tourists can also take advantage of the lavender wellness & SPA offer. There is a salt cave, a russian banya, a cold bath and a hot tub. A visit in Lawendowa Osada is also an amazing culinary adventure. Guests can try goat’s and cow’s cheeses with lavender, lavender jams and syrups that perfectly blend in with pancakes or tea.




A real curio in the offer of Lawendowa Osada is the possibility of glamping. This form of accommodation is gaining more and more popularity among tourists looking for new impressions. Visitors of Osada have the possibility of accommodation in comfortable, stirring glamping tents.


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